Leggo My Legos

I don’t trust God.

My friend Matt helped me understand my distrust of God by telling me a story. Imagine a kid who has recently bought a brand new Lego Star Wars set. The picture on the box shows an awesome space ship that he can’t wait to build. He tears open the box and disregards the instructions, doing his best to put the ship together Continue reading


You Can’t Catch Me!

“You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me!”

I’m chasing her. She wanted to play. She’s laughing and giggling and I can’t help but smile. We’re running around my grandparents’ backyard, racing through the green grass and around the tall trees. She’s so happy, my little cousin, and her happiness fills the air and lifts my spirit. My own cold grown up “problems” melt away when exposed to the warmth of her beautiful simplicity. She’s not thinking about the past or the future. She’s four years old. There’s nothing on her mind but the moment. She’s lost in the chase.

“I’m gonna catch you Sophia, I’m gonna catch you!”

I imagine that God wants to chase me. He wants Continue reading