Smile, Today

Smile, because your brain doesn’t care if you think smiling is stupid or for the weak and ignorant. Your body could care less about your opinions or being cool. It doesn’t care about all of the terrible things that have happened to you today. Smile, and your body will agree with you. “You’re right, life is pretty awesome” your brain will say. And then it will go to work commanding your body to pump out neurological soldiers to fight off anxiety and depression, and provide relief from pain. It’s like Xanax, Prozac, and Vicodin all in one. With no side-effects. Smiling is pretty hardcore.

You know that one time you were having the worst day you’ve ever had and someone smiled at you? One of those smiles that are way too genuine. A smile that’s so happy it makes you want to punch the other person a little bit? Except you don’t. You do something much worse. You smile back. In spite of yourself, and the fact that you know the world is full of shit, you smile back. What the hell, self? You can’t help it. All of sudden things look a little brighter, the world doesn’t seem so dark. Because for just one second, with just one smile, someone turned on a light. Smile because someone out there today needs that from you. Smile because you are necessary and needed. Someone, somewhere needs you to shine a little light into their darkness, just for a second. That’s all it takes.

Smile, today, because no matter how bad you’ve fucked up or how badly someone has fucked you over, things can be better someday. Maybe not today. Or tomorrow. Or even a month from now. But someday, life can be better. And you can be the one who makes it better. No matter what anyone has to say about you or your situation and regardless of what you have to say about yourself, no one can argue with math. The truth is, a lot of small steps add up to great distance. If you are hurting, small steps (yours or those of someone else) are probably responsible for your pain. We ask, “How did I get here?” Take enough small steps and one day you will find yourself miles from where you started. Small steps lead us to disaster, but they are also how we begin to find our way out of the rubble. Take a step.

Someday, for some reason, you smiled. Someday, you will smile again. Start today. Smile today.



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