Love Is Blind

Last night I was roaming Austin by my lonesome whilst waiting for a friends show to finish (I had seen it the night before) and this couple was headed towards me. I’m trying to be polite and figure out which side of the sidewalk to move to but their path is zig-zagging back and forth across the concrete like some sort of drunken waltz. As they came closer I realized they were both blind, and holding walking canes. They were laughing so hard, holding each other tightly with their free hands. I could feel the happiness radiating from them like warmth from a fire on a cold day. And as they walked past me I was suddenly filled with happiness myself, because all I could think was, “love is blind.” Continue reading



When my dad first got a cell phone with texting abilities, one of the first text messages I received from him looked something like this:


Alarmed by the implied screaming, I quickly responded “before midnight” and wondered why my dad was so upset. After a few minutes of racking my mind as to what I must have done to deserve the wrath of all caps, my phone buzzed and I got this: Continue reading