Let’s Write

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to wrap up 2013 in writing. My family is preparing for a small New Years gathering with a few of our family friends. My mom by making finger foods, and my dad and my brother by watching football. I’m staring at my laptop, listening to the Avett Brothers croon about love and a woman. I’ve got a lot on my mind.

2013. This year I auditioned for the theatre program at ACU in February. I got an article published in my school magazine. I participated in some awesome community theatre over the summer (shout out to Thirteen O’Clock!). I attended my cousins wedding in Colorado, briefly blessed to be in the presence of family that lives far away. Gods’ great sense of humor allowed me to get into ACU’s theatre program, and in August I left UTPA, my previous college, and trucked all my stuff up to the middle of nowhere, Texas (also known as Abilene). I was blessed with the incredible opportunity of performing in the ensemble of Les Miserable in front of an audience of almost 2000 people every night. And more importantly, I made so many friends through that experience. This year I celebrated two years of being with my beautiful girlfriend, Mackenzie. And now I’m about to celebrate the passing of one year and usher in another.

I’m incredibly thankful for the experience that was 2013, and so excited for what I know will be an incredible year in 2014. I’ve got some goals; I guess you could call them resolutions. I want to write more, on a daily basis. I want to put out a blog post every two weeks. I want to play my guitar more, read more. I want to pray more.

The more abstract goals are the ones I’m really excited about though. I want to laugh more; I want to make others laugh. I want to be there for people; I want to be a shoulder to cry on. I want to live in moments, without analyzing them, without questioning them, without being cynical. I want to simply live in them. I want to smile. I want to experience God, in moments of great joy and great pain. I want to become the man that  Mackenzie needs me to be, that my family needs me to be, that this world needs me to be. I want to stop listing my aspirations and start becoming them. I want to change. I want to cultivate a spirit of adventure. I want to find fun in every mundane experience: trudging over to the cafeteria, rehearsing lines, working out, doing laundry. Each of these has a unique opportunity hiding behind their tediousness. It’s up to me to find those opportunities.

Power of Words

These are the things I want most from 2014. It’s a blank page, a whole new chapter just waiting to be written. I pray that I will not waste the opportunity to grasp the pen and fill those pages with meaning. The pen is lying in front of all of us. Here’s to writing out stories full of life in 2014.

What will you write?


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