Sunshine and Rain

I wrote this for a friend and wanted to share it with you all. Hope you enjoy it.

The world is a contradiction. Like the sun shining in the middle of a storm, or a beautiful disaster, it doesn’t make sense. We are broken, all of us, and when people hurt, they tend to lash out. They don’t understand why, they don’t care to dig deeper, all they know is something hurts, and someone else must suffer the consequences. A few us have learned that living that way doesn’t solve anything. We know that breaking other people does not put our own pieces back together. You know that, and I know that, but many others don’t. So when we look around and see the pain, the hurt, the cruelty and injustice, when we look around and see this world it forces a reaction. The first option that presents itself is defeat. Give up. Get out. Go home. It’s too much, it’s too hard, I don’t want to be a part of it. I won’t. That option always tempts me the most. It’s the easiest attitude to adopt. And we start believing that maybe things would be better somewhere else.

Maybe if I had this, or that, things would be different. Life would be different. The reality is, people are everywhere. And as long as we’re around people, we will be around pain. The irony is, we need people in our lives. We are made for community, for the sharing of souls. We are made to hold hands, cradle hearts, embrace arms. So if we must have people, we must learn what we are to do with the inevitable pain. With the pain that comes with living, with witnessing hurt people hurting people. We have to embrace the contradiction. We have to live not for the tears of the storm, but for the rays of sun shining through it. Rather then becoming overwhelmed by the rain we must learn to let it pass through, to shine on in spite of the pain. If we can accept contentment as the state of being we desire, instead of looking on at those who hurt others and feeling bitterness, we can begin to pity them. We can begin to see all that they are destroying in their ignorance, the folly of their blind eyes.

And perhaps then, we can live in such a way that our happiness is independent of our surroundings. In such a way that, because we know and admit we are broken and imperfect, we long to inspire others to realize it for themselves. So we reach out, both to those who love us, and those who hurt us. We shine on. And when our perspective is one that sees the sun brightening a rainy day rather then rain ruining a sunny day, we can smile because we know better. Because we know that after the rain comes a rainbow. Color comes after the grey, the light of the morning always follows even the darkest of nights. I think there will be a rainbow at the end of our storm. If we live like the passing rain we will miss it, we will be gone before it ever comes; But if we shine like the sun, we will revel in the colors that will be revealed at the end of all things, colors without pain. The choice is ours.


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