All The Time In The World

“If you knew how much work went into it you would not call it genius” -Michelangelo

I’ve been thinking about beauty lately. Specifically, beauty in the form of art; created by human hands shaping the world in which they have been placed. Michelangelo knew something about beauty. Some might call his work a masterpiece. Carved over the course of two years, Pieta was the only creation of his that he ever signed, something he later regretted and vowed never to do again. The piece is considered one of the greatest works of sculpture ever created, if not the greatest. And what struck me most about the piece was this one fact: Michelangelo completed it at the age of 24.

If that’s not a significant accomplishment I don’t know what is. I can only hope to accomplish a work of such monumental beauty by such a young age. If I do want to create something beautiful though, I know of at least one absolutely necessary ingredient I will have to have: time.

It seems that time is something we have less and less of lately. Our culture has become one of go, go, go and do, do, do with no respite from the madness, no time to just be. And even in those precious few moments of still and quiet, we find ways to plug into the noise. I have a few minutes in between classes? Lets see what’s going down on Facebook. Interesting article on my CNN homepage? Better check it out. And oh look! A link to another interesting article! And another, and another.. With the lives of the world on display, it has become very easy to lose our own in the chaos. Needless to say, I have let myself fall into living a very distracted life.

For this reason, I have decided to take a break from the Internet and media for the month of November. No Facebook, no online news, no browsing. No TV shows or addictive iPhone apps. I’ll only plug back in if absolutely necessary (homework, step by step instructions on how to perform CPR) or possibly to upload another blog post.

With the time I save from cutting out these things I hope to focus a little bit more on beauty. And just to be clear, beauty isn’t limited to sculptures. Nor is it limited to painting, drawing, or singing. These things are certainly beautiful, but so are families and relationships. So are dreams pursued, or the search for spirituality. And all these things take time. The more time we give them, the more beautiful they become. Give enough time, and you will create a masterpiece.

So that is my thought process behind this fast I’m about to undertake. There are some songs I’ve been meaning to write, some stories I want to tell. Some relationships that deserve more of my time. And a God I need to pursue. If you can relate, I welcome you to join me. You never know what you might discover, how much time you might take back. And if this isn’t a problem for you, more power to you, keep it up.

Here’s to creating beauty.Image


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